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Exhibition Branding


The Crossover festival is a self-initiated, collaborative project designed by Jonathan Finch & Stephanie Oglesby. We proposed a new festival for creatives that would entail inviting practitioners from various design-related fields to collaborate and 'crossover' creative pathways to produce exciting and innovative work, thus, we named the project the 'Crossover Festival'. We envisaged that the event itself would involve an exhibition of the collaborative work running alongside live talks and practical workshops. The name 'Crossover' appears in various forms across the identity, with it being shortened to 'x-over' and then a pattern which adapts across the different resolutions - all of which is held together through a tight colour palette which helps to make any of the resolutions easily recognisable as part of the event. The printed collateral consists of promotional posters, a festival guide publication, event timetable, tickets, wristbands and lanyards. Finally, t-shirts and tote bags were also produced whilst we mocked up examples of the exhibition space.

Featured in Computer Arts Magazine August 2012